Busy day!

We had a busy day! Carla really enjoyed seeing her big Brother, Grandma, Papa, and Uncle. We had a nice visit. Cody helped me do some apartment amenities shopping in the morning, Tammy helped me do some cheap furniture shopping in the afternoon, signed a lease, had dinner and then Bobby, Tom, Cody and I did some more amenity shopping and unpacked the new apartment. Thank goodness we were all here or we wouldn't have been able to get everything done and still keep Carla entertained at the same time!

As far as Carla goes, she seems to be doing famously on her Heprin challenge. They are going to check some levels this morning and once she is fully therapeutic they will start coumadin and move us to the floor. Before coumadin is therapeutic it can cause some coagulation, which is why they want her herprinized to get therapeutic on coumadin. And, like I said before, they have to know that she can tolerate heprin so that they know that she can be put on bypass for the transplant. That is the end of your coagulation class for the day...

Today Bobby and I will have to do a little bit of grocery shopping for the apartment. We are trying to make sure we are all set and ready to go, so that when Carla is released I can just bring her "home" to the apartment. We are going to miss our boys :( but this won't be forever. It is just necessary for now.

Happy Easter!

Love, Jen

(Now for the super cute pictures you've been waiting for).

Sitting on Big Brother's lap.
Super cute!
Visiting with Grandma.
On Brother's lap again...
Being cute and silly.
Taking pictures and Carla decides to bust out this face...
Wearing Big Brother's hat...
Now, Big Brother has it back...
And then he decides Carla can have it....until we get to come home. What a sweet Sunny Son we have.

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cici said...

She sure loves her big brother!
very sweet pics