Staying Positive

Ok people, I know that some of you are looking up plastic bronchitis on the Internet...and believe me, I know what it says, BUT what I want you all to remember is this: Don't you believe that crap! Carla did not come all this way for nothing. The Lord has a plan for her and she WILL be getting well. The key here is to stay positive. Please just stay positive and keep her in your prayers.

Carla painting a bird house that Child Life brought her this afternoon. This made her VERY EXCITED!
Being creative.

Eating for the first time in over 24 hours.

Having a (flashlight) candle lit dinner...her nurse is VERY COOL tonight. It is so nice to know that she is in good hands.
Carla had a very good day. She coughed up 2 very large casts, had a CT scan and echo (that she slept right through), ate for the first time, painted, watched movies, enjoyed percussion every 4 hours (that's what they call the chest poundings) and finally a candle lit dinner and more painting. Other than the pokes I'm pretty sure Carla thinks she is on vacation.

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cici said...

Not me ;)..... I never believe anything on the internet. They always give worst case scenarios.
She looks just great and it actually sounds like a fun day in spite of it all.
Sending her hugs through the internet
and one for you too.
Rest well