SLC Update

You know, this plastic bronchitis seems to be a "known" complication of the Fontan, yet, it is so rare that the doctors are still in the research phase of figuring out how to treat it. At this point they are basically using the albuteral nebulizer and chest pounding (which does not hurt or distress Carla).

The docs are trying to figure out what is causing the plastic bronchitis so that they can try to fix it. They will be doing a CAT Scan in a little while as well as an echo and heart cath. After all of these tests we will have a better idea of how much casting is going on in her chest as well as maybe why they are forming.

The treatment so far...albuteral nebulizer with chest pounding vest (which does not hurt or distress her whatsoever.)
The bronchial cast that Carla coughed up this morning....It is very good that she has the cough strength to cough this junk out...next issue...how to get rid of it all together, because after she coughs it out, it starts forming again. Poor baby.
Please pray for Carla. Love, Jen

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cici said...

I appreciate you updating. I was just wondering how she is doing.
Please know she is covered in Prayer
for a quick resolution.
I will add her to the Prayer requests at Church also, so others can join in.
Feel better little sweetheart!