pneumonia update

Carla was quite lethargic this morning but after being put on IV liquids she perked up quite a bit and started acting more like herself.  Right now she is sleeping and they were able to turn her oxygen down without it affecting her saturation levels much.  She has been getting breathing treatments every 4 hours and they seem to be helping.  We have had visitors all day and Carla has enjoyed being the center of everyone's attention.  I have pictures, but will post later after I have a free moment.  Right now I am just mostly tired and not thinking to clearly...they will be starting another breathing treatment here in a second, so I had better go make sure everything is ok.  My love to all!

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The Simmons Family said...

We're praying for that sweet girl to feel better soon, it is scary how fast they take a downward turn. Hugs to you sweet girl!