The night, etc.

Last night was the first night since Thursday night/Friday morning that Carla didn't have a horrendous unbreakable fever.  They gave her a dose of Motrin before bed and she was smooth sailing through the night.  This morning she got a little fever but nothing like the 103/104 fevers she was getting.  This morning she also coughed up another hard string cheese consistency phlegm, which we were able to put in a cup and culture.  If it comes back as a staph (like the one in December), the doctor said that they would treat it more aggressively.  She asked if we had seen a pulmonogist, to which I replied that she has an appointment on the 3rd of February.  She said it is very important to keep that appointment and that the phlegm looked like it could be something caused from having chronic bronchitis and that the pulmonologist would know what to do to treat it.  Chronic bronchitis sounds possible...considering she's been coughing her head off about every 7 to 10 days for the past year and 5 months and  had a pleural effusion for over a year.  My poor baby!
Anyway, on a lighter note, Uncle Andy is visiting with us today.  He brought Carla a HUGE balloon, a normal size balloon and a really soft bear from the gift shop.  What a sweet Uncle Andy.  I have pictures I will post later on tonight.
As for what is going on here we are just waiting to see what is going on with Carla's cultures...they think the blood culture that they took the other day was indeed contaminated, because the one they drew yesterday doesn't seem to be growing anything.  They will go ahead and leave her on the IV antibiotics though as long as her IV holds out.  I'm hoping it will help her with whatever is going on with her phlegm as well.  She has been coughing A LOT of crap up today...so that's good news....let's get that junk out of her lungs!
Anyway, I love you all but am going to visit with Carla and Andy now.  I will write later tonight.

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