More news from the hospital

Carla's cough seems to be getting a little better.  She is still coughing her head off, and coughing up a lot of junk, but the stuff she is coughing up is not hard, full chunks like yesterday. So, that is good.  Also, she has gone 2 nights now without any fevers over 100.4, which is huge.  I'm assuming we will be here a couple more days, but I do think that Carla is getting better, so that is reassuring.  One nice thing about going to the hospital....you always appreciate home so much more when you get there.  The ability to eat whatever you want, whenever you want to is something just in itself.  Yesterday Andy and Sue visited, Jeff and Jessica as well as Bobby, Cody, Tammy and Roger.  Today no one as of yet, but we are expecting visitors later. 
This morning little Miss Toot took a bath and I fixed her hair...she looks and smells so much better now  ;)  We got our favorite day nurse back and life is good!  I think Carla will be taking a nap soon, but we will see. Here's to a good rest of the day!
Love, Jen

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