Back in Salt Lake

After Carla hacked up that huge phlegm this afternoon the nurse showed it to the head RT (respiratory therapy) and he quickly identified it as a bronchial cast, I quickly googled bronchial cast and found it is a complication of the Fontan, although rare. Our cardiologist and future pulmonologist were notified and we were life flighted to Salt Lake City, where I'm not exactly sure what the plan is...But, we will be getting this figured out and taken care of. First things first. We will do an echo tomorrow with "possible" heart cath...which means we will be having a heart cath in the next day or two. Because Plastic Bronchitis (the other name for bronchial cast) is a complication of the fontan they need to figure out if her pressures are too high, if they need to re-open her fenestration or what exactly is going on. Google also said that bronchial casting can be caused by having a chylothorax, which is medical name for all the liquid fat that was on Carla's right lung for about a year.

The life flight people were REALLY GREAT and let both Bobby and I fly to SLC with them. Usually they will only take one person. So, that was really nice and super helpful to us.

I am physically and emotionally spent, so am going to go to bed. We have no idea how long we will be here but pray that Carla will heal quickly and that we will be home soon.

Love, Jen


cici said...

My Prayers are with your sweet little Carla. She is in good hands now and I hope you all get some much needed rest tonight.

The Smith's said...

That was my first thought when I saw that picture ... plastic bronchitis. We are praying for you and sweet Carla! She is such a fighter!!

Christina said...

Jen, I would love to come visit if you are feeling up to visitors. I would love to drop off a care bag from IHH and bring anything you need. Email me!

Hugs & Prayers,