Another Pneumonia update


So, it has been a rough day.  Carla has been super crabby, but her visitors did manage to cheer her up a bit.  This morning Terri stopped by, bearing strawberries, cheese and crackers.  This afternoon Aunt Jess and Uncle Jeff brought a stuffed animal and 3 balloons; Daddy came with a Nintendo DSi; Grandparents Morgan stopped over and brought a cute little coat and then Grandma Tammy came, bearing a giant frog as well as an outfit for coming home in.  Yes, visitors bearing gifts tend to cheer up the crabby toot.  This afternoon one of the doctors said we may go home tomorrow...I dont think so ...this evening the nurses told me that the culture they took from her nose last night came back positive for something...they won't know for sure what exactly until the 48 hour mark, but if her fever hits 100.4 tonight the nurse is to call the doctor and they may start IV antibiotics.  I'm sure they will be starting IV antibiotics...she has just been TOO sick..and her fever TOO hard to break.  My love to all, Jen  p.s.  don't forget the prayers ;) 

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Hope's Blog said...

Lots more prayers coming your way. IV antibiotics are probably on the schedule for tonight. Hopefully they will knock the infection out for good!