Another day in Paradise

Carla was sleeping well this early evening (when I started this entry) after a long day of pokes, prods, meds and visitors. She has been battling this terrible fever for days and last night was no different. This morning the doctor ordered another blood test so that they could culture her blood. Seems that they are thinking that the growth in her last culture could be a contaminant...so after about 10 terrible minutes of digging around in my daughters arm and then foot, we were able to get some blood to culture. Here's to hoping there is no bacteria in her blood. Even though we know how to administer meds via PICC line, we would prefer she just get better and that we not have to be practicing that skill.

This morning Bobby, Cody, Sydney, Jeff, Jessica, Roger and Tammy all came for a visit. Cody and Sydney colored with Carla and were really cute with here. Carla missed her big brother, it was so nice having him up here. Around 1 Bobby, Cody, Sydney and I went to Pizza Hut for a little lunch while Grandma and Papa stayed with Carla. Bobby and Cody were cracking me up and it was just SO FUNNY. What a nice break from the hospital.

When we got back to the hospital Carla was starting to get another fever and quite crabby she had been coughing quite a bit while we were gone. We gave her some Motrin and another breathing treatment (she gets a breathing treatment every 4 hours). After that, a long nap.

This evening she seems to be in much better spirits (she had her second dose of IV antibiotic at 6, and also coughed up a big chunk of her string cheese phlegm a little while ago.) Right now she is eating mac and cheese, chicken strips and fries while watching Dora...what could be better than that? Here's to hoping that she gets ALL BETTER!!!

Carla, Sydney and Cody visiting this morning.
Bobby took a picture of me being cheesy.

The kids, coloring.

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