Well hello!

It seems like the days are getting away from me lately! I can't believe we are in to the 2nd week of December! I have done no shopping and am not sure when I will...but obviously I'm going to have to go sooner or later.

Carla's disgusting white phlegm problem has gone away with the antibiotics and she has actually been healthy for the last week or so. I think she MAY be coming down with a little bit of a cold right now, but that's to be expected with her going to preschool and all. Here's to hoping she will just get a touch of it and not much. This Monday we did pictures with Santa. I will post them with my next post, because I am not at home right now.

Cody has been practicing with the basketball team since the week of Thanksgiving and Friday at 6, the basketball games begin!!!! I can't wait to see Cody play ball again. I'm hoping that I will be able to make it to all of his games this year and that Carla will be able to come to some of them as well. She seems good as long as she has popcorn to keep her occupied, but I have to admit that it is so much easier to focus on the game when she is not there, so hopefully Grandparents will help us out here and there. Tammy is going to watch her Saturday night so that I can go to his second game.

Tonight I am actually spending the night with my best friend, Jenny, and going to her daughter Morgan and nephew Liam's Christmas program in the morning. I am looking forward to the program. I haven't gotten to see an elementary Christmas program in years!!! And, the last one I went to was so hard on me. I remember Cody doing the program and then blowing us off for his friends, while I just wanted to ball my brains out because a) it was our last elementary program; and b) our son couldn't have cared less that we were there. All I could think about was Cody's first concerts...Kindergarten, when he was the only one we could hear singing...how much he loved us and needed us...now he was so independent... Talk about heart breaking! Growing up is good, but sometimes it can be hard on a Mom.

I promise to post pictures next time!

Love, Jen

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