Pictures, as promised.

The other day I talked my family into getting all dressed up and trying family pictures again...I think the pictures turned out well and I am super excited to never again have to pay someone else for family pictures :)

Our Sweet Kids.
Our little Wright Family

Cody Bear

Bobby and I.

Last Monday Santa came to Edu-care for pictures and a little visit. I took the pictures and was able to get this cute one of Carla and Santa.

Awe, first picture with Santa. Until this year Santa has been terrifying!

Friday, the 10th, I was able to go to Morgan and Liam's Holiday Program in Helena. Here are a couple of pictures from that!

Carla, chillin on Aunt Jenny's lap.

Liam and his classmates looking very cute.

Somehow I lost the cute picture of Morgan, but will post it the next time.

Morgan, reading Carla a book Thursday night before bed.

Rockin the same hair do. :)

I actually have more pictures (but am too impatient to wait for blogger to load them) so will post them next time!
All my love, Jen
p.s. Carla has been feeling very well lately!

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