A New Decade!

As this decade comes to an end I have to think....was Y2K THAT long ago?  10 years ago we all sat wondering if this was going to be the end of the world.  Some people stock piled food...others, like myself, went out and had a good time!  I spent this evening looking back at pictures of the last 10 years.  It is so hard to believe that 10 years have passed.  10 years ago on this night Cody was 6 years old.  He spent the night with his Grandparents Wright while Bobby and I went to my Dad's gig in Montana City and then to the Edge in Helena to ring in the New Year with our friends from Bobby's work.  The Edge, where we have pretty much spent every new years since, has recently gone out of business :(  We are sad to not ring in the new year at the Edge with our dear friends and band family. 
The past 10 years have brought: Cody's first day of 1st through 11th grades....a love for learning, the decision to be a clown, an athlete, middle school triumphs, braces and a first true love.   I went from being a clerk at the District Court, to being the lead worker, scheduling clerk/bailiff, legal secretary to being a full time stay at home Mom to a daughter with half a heart.  Bobby has been a car salesman, mortgage broker, banker, waiter, heart Dad and rock/country bass player.  We have been blessed with friends numerous and family that just doesn't quit giving their love and support.  We built our house, saw countless basketball games, yearly vacations...even if they were to Salt Lake City for heart related matters, countless family breakfasts, dinners and lunches, had our daughter, experienced pregnancy, the shock of finding out out our daughter had half a heart, post traumatic stress, 3 heart surgeries, 2 heart caths, a million (or so) chest x-rays, various stays in the hospital, learning how to cope with being heart parents, etc. Through it all, although times have been both blessed and difficult, we have found a way to grow, look at the bright side and be thankful for the blessings in our lives. 
Here's to another great 10 years!  
In 10 years Cody just may be a father and husband.  He may be a high school and college graduate working in a successful field.  Or he may be living in a van down by the river ;)  I doubt the latter.  Carla may be a budding and beautiful 13 year old girl, ready to give her parents a heart attack.  Or, she may be with the Lord... I doubt the latter. 
Here's to looking forward, always being optimistic, being thankful for both the blessings and triumphs in our lives, and learning from them all. 
May you all have a Blessed New Year, and New Decade!!!
With all our love,
The Wrights 

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