Bobby, Cody and Carla admiring the Great Big art/princess set from Uncle Adam & Aunt Jennifer.
Carla, excited about her Barbie styling head.

Carting presents around.

Grandpa Dad (as I like to call him).

Andy :)

Carla, with her giant princess/art present before it was opened.

Cody and Carla, being cute.

Carla, helping blow out Bobby's Birthday candles.

Bobby laughing, because she kind of got a jump on him blowing out those candles.

They are just so cute together :)

We had a really great Christmas! Friday we went to Helena, saw my Grandparents Harrington and then to Dad and Sue's to eat some food celebrating both Christmas and Bobby's birthday. After dinner we opened presents and had a fun time together. It was nice to spend time with my family. When they all left to go to church we stopped at Jenny's house and dropped of Morgan and Liam's presents and then made our trip back home. Upon arriving in Cascade I picked up the chili that I had thown together in the morning and left on "keep warm" for the day, changed into pajamas and then headed over to the Wrights for more Christmas fun. Jessica helped us establish a new Christmas Eve tradition, hence the pajamas. Her auntie always gets her PJs for Christmas and she puts them on right away, this is her first Christmas away from California and her family, so we thought that pajama Christmas Eve sounded great! We opened more presents, ate, visited and then came home, put Carla to bed, wrapped a couple last presents and set the scene for Christmas morning!

Christmas morning was nice, and mostly consisted of watching Carla open presents, since Cody only wanted money and conned it out of us a month ago. He got a few Santa gifts (by the way Santa is very hygiene oriented....hee hee). After opening presents it was on to the relaxing, cooking, cleaning up and waiting for dinner to be done. I made a turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and bought some rolls. Tammy made green been casserole, sweet potatoes and bought cranberry sauce. Jessica made 2 pumpkin pies, bought apple pie, banana cream pie, whip cream and ice cream. We ate around 2:30, cleaned up, visited and played a fun dice game called left, right, center until around 7:30 or 8:00 and then ate dessert and visited some more until the wee hours of the night. It was pretty awesome.

Sunday morning I got up, took the tree and Christmas decorations down and started cleaning up the Christmas mess. Holy cow Batman! I think everything is finally put away, but the house is still messy. Kinda driving me a little crazy, but I have no real desire to kick it in the butt, so I guess that's fine too :)

Yesterday I took Carla to the doctor because as soon as she finished her second dose of antibiotics on Christmas Eve, she started coughing again...it eventually turned hard and thick like string cheese again :( and she had had some fevers as well. I talked to the doctor for a long time. We got Carla an albuteral nebulizer to take when she is sick (the breathing treatment helped a lot in the doctor's office) , a flow vent inhaler to take every day as an asthma prevention medicine as well as another antibiotic to get rid of the staph issue. She seems to be getting better. We will just see how things go. Oh, I also had the doctor draw blood, to make sure everything was ok there....

Here's to a Happy, Healthy 2011!!!

My love to all!

Sorry about the blurry pictures, I was experimenting and it turned out to be a bad idea!

Capturing Tom's horrendous hair cut.... proof that Walmart just MIGHT NOT be the place to get your hair done.... Jeffica (Jeff & Jessica) being cute.

So much stuff, so little time!

Cody, being a super good big brother (I have a feeling he might kick my butt for posting this) but it was so sweet. He was helping her put on her new little girl makeup.

Carla, attempting to ride her trike from Santa ...we'll have to work on the concept of pushing with your feet ;)

Last Sunday was Bobby's birthday. Jeff's birthday was Tuesday, so we celebrated together.

Carla, taking her turn blowing out Bobby's candles.

Jeff & Bobby while we sing Happy Birthday. Jess made Jeff a German Chocolate cake with a Celtics cake top and Bobby cup cakes with little guitars on top.

The other day at Cody's basketball game Carla was making friends. So sweet to see her doing "normal" 3 year old stuff. Very cool. We are just so blessed!

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