Busy busy!

Just getting ready to brave the big bad world and finish up our Christmas shopping for the kids -but thought I should give a quick blog before we go. We have been busy with basketball games, Christmas programs, visiting family and friends, etc. Carla's cough and phlegm came back about 10 minutes after I blogged that she had been well for a while, so we got her back on the antibiotic and that seems to be helping. Today is pajama day at preschool, and she is super stoked about that! I am so looking forward to tomorrow, because we will be having and early dinner and presents with my family, then heading to Bobby's folks' house for more presents and home to get ready for Santa. Christmas day we will open presents from Santa and then have a day of cooking and eating with Bobby's family. It should be super fun! I always love Christmas. My biggest brother comes for a visit from Idaho, we see the Grandparents, have lots of good food and always feel so blessed for the wonderful people in our lives that we get to call family. Really, I'm not sure if we could be more blessed!

Anyway, off to shower and shop! Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Jen

Cody (number 25) going for the rebound!
Making a 3 pointer.

Cody sinks another 3 from the north 40!

The Christmas program.

Yay Big Brother!


Getting ready to go play in the snow!

Making a snow angel.

The last 2 years in a row my Christmas lights fail before Christmas hits...what the heck! On the other hand, that Christmas Angel has been blinking for about 10 years!

Going to school today wearing her Sponge Bobs! Nice! The world would be a better place if everybody got to wear their jammies to work!
Merry Christmas!!!!


The Smith's said...

Merry Christmas to YOU, too!

Hope's Blog said...

Merry Christmas and have a Happy, Healthy New Year!