An answer...maybe.

The other day Carla coughed up that nasty white string cheese phlegm again and we were armed with a sterile cup...we took it to the hospital and had it tested. Turns out they detected a bacterial staph.  So, Carla is now on antibiotics to combat that.  Yay!  Hopefully with this getting taken care of, and her being on Singulair as well, we will be rid of the nasty cough!  Keep your fingers crossed. 
She is sleeping now and sounds good.  Made it to preschool last Tuesday and then was able to go both Tuesday and Thursday this week!  Woo hoo!  Here's to good health, let's hope it stays that way!
In other news, I was able to take Carla up to see her Grandparents Morgan on Wednesday.  I dropped her off and spent some time with my besty, Jenny.  Carla and Grandma Sue made cookies and ate delicious home made soup.  Dad took the afternoon off and they decorated for Christmas!  Very cool.  I couldn't stay long, because I wanted to make it home before dark.  Otherwise, I would have been able to take her to see my Grandpa Harrington.  I am bummed out that the weather gets to dictate my visits home, but we do live in Montana, so it's to be expected.
Here's to sunshine and good roads so that I can visit again soon!
Love, Jen

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