We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. I made potatoes, deviled eggs, and green bean casserole. We took the food to Bobby's Aunty's house and proceeded to eat an amazing meal. Bobby had to leave for work at 3:00, so he dropped Carla and I off at home and we took a little nappy nap. Cody, Thomas and Jess got up and did the Black Friday thing. They didn't get the TV that Jess wanted, but they did have a lot of fun. Saturday Carla and I decorated for Christmas and Cody hung out with his girly friend and family. Sunday we sat in our warm house watching as it snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed...all day long (actually, we did go out to breakfast ;) And then finally, yesterday we went in to Great Falls, had Carla's coumadin levels checked (they are fine). Dropped off a phlegm sample at the lab at Benefis (Carla's string cheese phlegm) and upgraded Cody's cell phone (part of his Christmas). Guess which took the longest.... if you guessed anything but upgrade the phone you are crazy! It took literally over an hour, and I didn't have anyone in front of me. Ridiculous, but it's done now, so good!

Carla and I did have another photo shoot, and I messed around with my photo program some more, so I will have to post those pictures too. But not right now. I want to get to another, more important post and then we can get back to our family stuff later.

lots of love,


Bobby and his Mom :)
Cody and Dusty.

Jeff & Jess.

Bobby and I.

Cody and Carla.

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