A new hobby

I needed a hobby, big time...you have NO IDEA how incredibly bored I have become. Taking photos has always been something that I enjoy, especially when I have a worthy target. When Cody was younger he was just hammy enough to be my little subject. Since he has gotten a little older, he is not so willing. Carla, on the other hand, like her big brother, is a super ham. So, she will be my little target (I will still get Cody when he is willing though).

Anyway, back to needing a hobby... I did a little research on You Tube about green screen technology. I then went to e-bay and was able to find a fairly inexpensive green screen and lighting kit. Purchased a program called Photokey3 that removes the green from the background and finally purchased some digital backdrops, again from e-bay. Below are my very first pictures :)

Today, we were feeling pretty bored. Carla has been sick again, but feeling better than she has in a couple of days anyway. It snowed yesterday and is only 19 degrees out. So, Carla and I got an idea. A PHOTO SHOOT! We listened to music while she got her princess dress on, fixed her hair and make-up (just a titch to make her feel grown up). We then went downstairs, and as our i-pod sang, Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, Carla had her little shoot. Unfortunately, the batteries in my camera wore out, so we only got a couple of good pictures. But it was still fun! I can't wait to do family pictures! Anyway, here are the shots.

Love, Jen

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