Hopeful :)

We took a few pictures the other weekend, in the hopes of getting some good family pictures. Here's what we came up with :)
Carla in her Christmas dress, she was getting tired, so not very cooperative at this point...
Our little Wright Family.

I love my sweet baby.

My handsome men.

Our little Wright kiddos.

I am excited to report that Carla is back at preschool this morning! She has not been coughing very much the last couple of nights and has been very active and healthy during the day. I have noticed that if I give her the inhaler after she's been running around that it seems to help. So, we will keep on that and hopefully it will help.

I know I've been somewhat of a Debbie downer lately and wanted to apologize for that. All in all things here are wonderful and I need to remember to stay positive and be thankful. I am so thankful that Carla is as healthy as she is, even if we have a few pesky problems. Realistically, she has half a heart for crying out loud, we are lucky that she is 1) alive; 2) smart as a whip; 3) full of energy and happiness. We are so blessed. And, I have a husband who loves me, and who I love with all of my heart. We have an amazing son who doesn't get into trouble, is responsible and cautious. We have an amazing support system all the way down the line. From Bobby's family to mine, as well as our true and loyal friends. So, honestly, I have no reason to be a Debbie downer!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of Cody's Thanksgiving break. It is also Bobby's Mom's birthday. We are celebrating Thanksgiving at Bobby's Aunty's house and his cousins are in town from Washington. We are having quite a large gathering of both friends and family. It should be a lot of fun.

While the high today is only -1, and as I sit here the computer says it is -11 outside, I am so thankful for the roof over our heads. And not only that we have a roof, but that it's a lovely one, that we built. Seven years ago this winter we were living in a 5th wheel while building our home. Talk about COLD!!! We would work all day, come home to the 5th wheel, change our clothes and then head over to the house to either paint trim, pull electrical lines (that was all Bobby), clean up the building site, install light cans (again Bobby) or electrical outlets, etc. During the day Bobby's Dad and eventually our friend Jeff, worked on putting our house together. We hired out what we had to but did whatever we could on our own (to save money of course). The finished product was more than any 28 year old kids could ask for. We are truly blessed... and I can't believe it has been 7 years since we built our house! Where does the time go?
Happy Thanksgiving week and upcoming holidays!
Love, Jen

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