Cardio appointment

Carla had her cardiologist appointment this morning at 10:30. We were out of there by noon with the good news that Carla's thoracic duct has indeed healed, her pleural effusion is not coming back and we won't be going back to the heart doctor until April.

Carla will be 4 in April. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by....13 years ago Cody was 4. It certainly doesn't feel like 13 years ago, but ok. As far as Carla goes, I can honestly tell you that the last 3 years of our lives have been very difficult. But she is well worth it. Sometimes I'm still a little bitter about our baby being born with half a heart....it's a pretty hard pill to swallow. But for the most part I understand that this is her journey, and ours and that it is about spiritual growth. I'm just hoping our spirits can have a little breather from growth for a while, so that we can relax and enjoy our lives together ;)

Happy Monday! Here's to a great week!!!

Love, Jen

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