The verdict is in

Carla's thoracic duct is healed and she can eat whatever she wants. Her x-rays look clear of any fluid, her oxygen level was at 92%, she weighs 30.1 pounds and her coumadin levels are right where they need to be. After the appointment we went out for a celebratory lunch at Applebees. She had macaroni and cheese with fries. She loved it! We are thrilled and so ready to move on with our lives. Thank you Lord, thank you family and friends for helping us keep Carla on her diet all these months and tolerating all of our special needs. We are so looking forward to doing breakfast, lunch or dinner with you ;)

Love, Jen

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One Happy Heart Family said...

Thats great news!!! What a great lunch to celebrate!!! LOL Glad she is doing so fantastic!!! What a great weight and awesome sats!!!