Still battling the cough...

Cody at his band concert last night.

Today, on what should be Carla's third day of Preschool, she is home with me because she spent the whole night coughing her little head off. We are still so frustrated with this cough. If it's not pleural effusion related, then what is causing it? Asthma? Allergy? Too much sodium? Congestive Heart Failure? What!? You have no idea how I have wracked my brain trying to find a common denominator when it comes to this cough. Still a mystery but here are the leading ideas: childhood asthma runs on Bobby's side of the family and his Mom says that Bobby sounded like her when he was a young child. So, maybe that is it. I'm assuming if she has an allergy or catches a cold it would bring on the asthma cough. The other leading problem in my mind would be too much sodium....because she LOVES gravy or chicken broth. So, I'm going to be more mindful about less sodium and see how that works. Please keep our little Toot in your prayers :)

As far as other news goes, Cody has his first band concert tonight. So, I am looking forward to watching him pound away on the drums. Morgan, my best friend's daughter, turned 7 last Friday so we had a party at the carousal in Helena on Saturday. It was really fun. Carla was not very keen on riding the horse, I think she nearly tore my head off with her death grip, but she did enjoy riding the carousal while sitting on a bench that did not move up and down :)

I started this post yesterday and as I read through it I think "Ask and you shall receive." Yesterday Carla's cough and phlegm issue was getting better. She took a two hour nap and didn't sound phlegmy at all. Then we went to Cody's concert (which by the way very cool). After the concert she was running around like a little crazy person, playing with some kids and then playing some chase Papa games. Oh my goodness, she was having a blast, you would have never known she has half a heart by the running around she was doing. But, when we got home the cough was BACK! So, I am certain that it is asthma related. So, I'm going to take her to the doctor and see if there is a maintenance inhaler she can take, or breathing treatments, instead of just the rescue inhaler that she has (which doesn't combat the phlegm very well at all).

Cody was very "all business" during the concert. Gone are the days of my punk ass 12 or 13 year old son who was too cool to tuck his shirt in and flipped his hair and acted like a jackass during his band concerts. (Oh my goodness I wanted to beat him back then). Now he is all business...to the point of not even cracking a single smile. Have I ever told you about how all or nothing this family can be...yes, I live with a couple of extremists....

Have a Happy Day!

Love, Jen

Waiting for Papa to pick her up for her 2nd day of Preschool.

My little Cute Toot.

Looking at the photo album.

The birthday party. Top row: Will, Meghan, 3 of Morgan's friends and then Morgan. Drew and Carla are in the front.

One of my favorite friends, Katy, and her son Drew. (Katy is banking on Carla and Drew getting married on day).

Carla, with her death grip around Mommy's neck. I know, it doesn't look painful, but it was.

Morgan with her cousins and Carla outside the carousal.

Bobby and Carla, working on installing the new dishwasher...

Let's see Daddy, if you just....

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