Sick again...

Princess Carla has been fighting a doozy of a cold all week. It started Tuesday afternoon with the typical cough but then went from that to a stuffy head, fevers, coughing so hard she puked, actually puking, runny nose, aches and pains, cough pooping..which lead to a super sore bum and just plain old feeling terrible. My poor baby! We had all these exciting plans for this week too. We were going to go to my Dad's gig/Sue's retirement party Thursday night, spend the night with Jenny and Morgan, hang out Friday in Helena and then Carla was going to stay with my folks Friday night so that I could go to Bobby's gig. I was able to get Grandma Wright to watch Carla Friday night, which was nice...I almost didn't go at the last minute, because Carla was coughing her head off, but then the cough med kicked in and she was sleeping peacefully. So, Tammy watched her while I went to Bobby's gig. We had a nice time, I always enjoy watching him perform...he is such a showman. They ended up playing Saturday night too, but I couldn't ask Bobby's Mom to come over 2 nights in a row, so stayed home and took care of Carla last night. Yesterday around 5 Carla, Bobby's folks and I took Carla to the annual PTA Halloween party for the kids. Carla enjoyed lots of fun little games and they gave her candy after every game, which made it all that much more fun! We are looking forward to trick or treating tonight. Unlike Montana, it is actually NOT SNOWING for Halloween! So, it will be nice to take her out to a couple houses and let her get the hang of trick or treating. Should be fun. Carla is still somewhat sick, but she is on the mend. So, here's to hoping she gets all better soon! Here are some cute pictures from the past couple of days.

Love, Jen

p.s. I did take Carla to the doctor on Thursday, she is on a horrendous antibiotic that she has issues swallowing..but I suppose that is better than nothing ;)
On our way to the Halloween party yesterday.
Carla dressed as Cinderella. Her crown was the one I wore for my baby shower in Helena. So, I thought it was appropriate to pass it on down to her ;)
Getting ready to go out Friday night.
Cody with Bobby before we left the house :)
Me, Bobby and Jessica.

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