Mysterious cough update

So, last Wednesday I woke up and made an appointment to see Carla's pediatrician with regard to her mysterious cough.  She weighed in at 30.4  pounds, her oxygen level was at 92 and the doctor said that she was "brilliant".  The good news is that we think that the mysterious cough is in fact asthma and she prescribed a chewable Singulair tablet to be taken daily to keep her asthma at bay.  It doesn't mean that she won't ever have an episode, but it should help considerably.  I asked if it was "normal" to see a kid who gets a cough every 7 to 10 days like this and she said that some asthma just comes in the form of a cough and that it is normal.  Since she's been taking the pill she has been VERY active, running around like a little crazy chicken with her head cut off, with no incident.  Only time will tell if the Singulair is working, but so far so good.  Keep your fingers crossed! 
In other news, Bobby has been in Elko, NV playing music this past weekend.  The band left Thursday morning and he made it home last night around midnight.  Talk about a long drive!  We are super happy to have him home.  We missed him very much.  While Bobby was gone Jessica, Cody and I had a couple of Wii karaoke nights.  Saturday we went to Sydney's last volleyball games and then when Terri (Sydney's Mom) dropped Cody off she, Darby (Sydney's sister) and Sydney visited for a little while.  We had a lot of fun! 
We are super looking forward to next weekend, because Bobby plays at the Skyline in Great Falls on Saturday for Halloweeen.  Carla will stay with my Dad & Sue and then Sunday is actual Halloween, so we can dress her up and take her on her first trick or treating adventures.  She is very much looking forward to trick or treating and the fact that she will get candy.  Carla talks A LOT about how her duct is all better and that she can eat anything.  She will tell complete strangers and no one knows what she is talking about, but I know.   Speaking of Carla and her talking....She is quite the little talker, and once she starts, getting her to stop is the only trick!  I have started writing down all the funny things she says in a little journal (you think you will remember those things but only a handful of things actually get committed to memory).  Yesterday she told Cody that her Daddy was going to be home soon, that he is at work and he LOVES making money, just like Mr. Crabs (from Spongebob).  I thought that was pretty funny! 
Anyway, I had better run! Happy Monday!!! 
Love, Jen

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