Homecoming/Sickos and an Impromptu trip

16 Weeks down and 2 days to go! Carla sees the Cardiologist Thursday morning at 10:30 and we are so hopeful that we will continue to have good news and that we will be a family on a normal diet come Thursday afternoon! Woo hoo! Keep your fingers crossed!

Last Wednesday it was feeling kind of like fall, so I wanted to take a drive to the scenic turnout and take some colorful pictures. Unfortunately, the turnout was closed, due to road construction, but we decided to drive to Helena for an impromptu lunch at the Jade Garden. One thing about Chinese food...you can do low fat pretty easily. We had a nice lunch together and then drove around Helena, goofed off and had a nice afternoon together. Thursday in the late morning Carla sounded like she was coming down with a little bit of a cold. By Thursday middle of the night she was coughing, clutching her tummy and puking and pooing. Poor baby! Friday she seemed like she was getting better and then Saturday all better, until she went to my Dad & Sue's, where she had a little bit of the poos again. Come Sunday around 4ish she had the cough back. Good grief, poor baby. I think the problem is that she was SO unexposed to germs for so long that now every time she comes into contact with a germ, she catches it! Sunday morning I caught the flu bug, but was able to sleep all day so felt fine by yesterday. My stomach is still a little sensitive but I'm fine. Carla still had her cough yesterday but I gave her some Tussin before bed and she slept pretty well without coughing until 7:45 this morning! She seems to be better! I'm so glad.

On a better note, it was Homecoming week in Cascade. So, Cody and the other kids dressed up for different things, decorated their halls and made floats for Saturday's parade. Saturday at 4:00 we went to the parade and saw Cody play the drums in the marching band. He's a heavy hitter...in fact, such a heavy hitter he broke the head out of his drum about 1/4 into the parade. Ooops. But, we got to see him play so that was cool ;) The parade was fun and even though Carla had left to go spend the night with her Grandparents Morgan we were still able to collect about a years worth of candy for her. Yay! After the parade we went to the annual Pancake Supper, to support our local Fire Department. Ate pancakes, eggs, ham and sausage in a scorching hot building full of smoke and then bailed out of there. Good times, good times. After the supper we went to Bobby's Auntie's house for a little conversation and wine. After that Jeff, Jessica, Bobby and I came home and visited until around 12:30 a.m. The boys played pool in the basement while Jess and I ate cheese and crackers and looked up astrology. It was super fun ;) So nice to have friends in town.

Here are some pictures from the week! My love to you all!

Bobby and Carla at the Jade Garden.

Mama & Carla at the Jade Garden.

The Marching Band.

There's Cody, right before he blew out the drum....

Our Cascade Badger Football team.

Bobby & his Mama before the Pancake Supper.

Jess & I, before the Pancake Supper.

Jeff and Jess at Auntie's house.

Our little Wright Family (minus one) at Aunties house.

Auntie Punky (or you might know her as Cathy).

Cody, just before leaving to go be with Sydney and get ready for the game.

Me, testing out the self timer on my camera...can't believe it took me almost 2 years to use this function for the first time...what a total nerd.

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