The Weekend

We had a lovely weekend.  Friday night Carla, Cody, Jeff, Jessica and I went to the High School to watch Sydney (Cody's girlfriend) play volleyball.  She did a good job and had a couple of really good hits.  Unfortunately when we were leaving Carla and I took a bit of a spill in the parking lot but luckily, she was fine....I boogered up my right elbow and left knee, but saved Carla from smashing her head into the asphalt, so it was worth it. 
Saturday morning Carla and I got ready and went to spend the night with my best friend, Jenny, and her daughter Morgan.  The girls played together well and even took a bath together...too bad I didn't have my camera...not sure what that was all about.  Yesterday Carla, my Dad and I went to the Cooney Convalescent home to visit my Great Aunt Bernie.  Upon arrival we met up  with my Grandma Morgan as well as my Aunt Dianne, who were also visiting.  Once again, I should have had my camera, but forgot it at home when I left for Helena.  After visiting Bernie we went to my Dad & Sue's house and had a lovely 2:00 dinner.  Sue even made Carla a special meal that had NO fat in it!  She is good.  After dinner we watched the Broncos kick some Seahawk butt. By the time we got home last night we were pretty tuckered out. 
Today starts week 15 of Carla's low fat diet....only 2 and a half more weeks and then I think we will be able to move forward!  Carla is chomping at the bit to try preschool out again...so after she is done with her diet we will put her back in Educare's 1/2 day preschool program [ www.educaregf.com ]  We tried this back in February for 2 days and she got pneumonia.  We are hoping for better luck this time!  She is so ready to learn!  The nice thing about the 1/2 day preschool program is that for her age group it is only 2 days a week from 8 to 12.  A perfect little start, if you ask me.  Another nice thing about Educare is that Carla's Grandparents Wright own it...so they are able to keep an eye on her and make sure she is alright (I'm sure the teachers REALLY love this!)  hee hee. 
Anyway, happy Monday!  Hope it's an awesome week!
Love, Jen
p.s.  I will take and post more pictures later this week ;) 

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