Cardiologist Apt. tomorrow

Tuesday, at 9:30 a.m. we see the great Dr. Papa Ruggerie to find out how little Miss Toot is doing. I have a feeling she is doing very well. I am so confident that I am a little bit fearful of my confidence. She has been so full of energy and seems so well... let's just hope and pray that she is as well as she seems to be.

On another note, we moved two of your dearest friends into our town today. Now I have my very best friend from High School 1 hour away (instead of 10 hours) and 2 of our best friends from adulthood 6 blocks down the road. How awesome is that?! We are blessed. Jeff is going to help Cody with his fitness and basketball, as well as dote on Carla, and I'm hoping Jessica will teach me how to make some rockin cakes! She is a master baker...Pretty cool man. I have to admit that after living in Cascade for 6 and a half years I have never had a "friend" close by. We have family, but there is something to be said for a girlfriend. So I am very excited about that. Also excited that Jeff will be around for Cody's last couple years of school. Jeff taught Cody, when he was 4 years old, about good basketball form. He has always been Cody's mentor...as well as such a great friend that he spent months helping us build our house, and asked for nothing in return.

Here's to great friends!

I'll let you know how Carla's appointment went when we get home tomorrow!

Love, Jen

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