Cardio Update!!!

Finally!!!! SOME GOOD NEWS!!!!! I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but the chest x-ray was CLEAR!!!! WOO HOO!!! We are elated! The plan is to stay the course with regard to her diet, for 4 more weeks. We will see Dr. Ruggerie on October 7th and if everything still looks good we will start to re-introduce fat back into Carla's life. She is SO looking forward to eating corn, chicken nuggets, fries and one peanut butter with jelly sandwich. Thank you for all your continued support and prayers. We are so happy :)

Love, Jen

p.s. She weighed 29.8 pounds, her O2 was at 92% and her coumadin level was 2.0, which is perfect. They also did an echo and everything seems fine there. Where the blood clot used to be looks clear. We are so happy.


Christina said...

Yea! Wonderful news. Keep up the good work.

Hugs & Prayers,
Heart Momma to Jacob

One Happy Heart Family said...

Thats great news!! YAHOO for good cardiology visits!!!