Getting better :)

Carla seems to be feeling A LOT better this week. She is bursting with energy, refuses to take a nap and then won't go to bed until after 8p.m. I am so amazed at her new found energy and hope that it is a good sign. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and Carla crawled up and flipped on her Dad's legs over and over and over...when I came home he was tuckered out! Is this what it is like to have a healthy child? Maybe. I can't wait to find out. It has been almost exactly a year that we have been battling this mysterious cough and I'm certain pleural effusions....we just didn't know about the effusion until February.

I have to admit it has been a hard year and I am ready to move on to what we thought we were getting after the Fontan. I guess part of the hard part is that when you have a baby born with HLHS the doctors give you the grim outlook and explain how your child will have to have 3 surgeries. We tried to remain as optimistic as possible and focused on getting through the 3 surgeries. After they are done you're thinking...ok, we are done for a while. Wrong. We had to wrap our head around the fact that we are NEVER done when it comes to Carla's heart. That's a hard pill to swallow, but one that is absolutely true. At this point, seeing her so well and so pink it is a shot in the arm for our moral. This long, hard, year seems to be coming to an end and we are ready to move forward. I would love to be able to try out pre-school again and watch Carla grow and thrive. She is in dire need of interaction with other children and now that she is bursting with energy I think she would enjoy herself and maybe even be able to keep up!

Here are some cute pictures from the other day :)

Love, Jen

Hugging Minnie.
Hamming it up.

Say cheese!

We encourage being total nerds in this house...

Big brother stands close by to encourage Carla on the slide.

It's so fun to do "normal" stuff, like taking our Toot to the park.

At the duck pond. That big duck actually wagged his tail and begged for food. I've never seen anything like it! So cool.

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One Happy Heart Family said...

So glad little Carla is doing so well!! I can't wait for the days that Kylie is pink and full of energy!! I totally hear you on the not being done part! It's so hard because we are never done, yes we have few short burts of "normal" hear and there, but everytime we se our little ones zipper to thier heart I am sadly reminded life's not perfect and never will be. It's frusterating some days, but some how I make it through to the next!!! I am so thankful for people like you who are willing to share your story. It makes it easier for me to cope :) She is so adorable and I love the dork pictures LOL You guys have tons of fun!!!