Cardiology Update

We went to see the Cardiologist this morning and FINALLY got some good news! Yeah!!!!! Carla's pleural effusion is a little bit smaller! Which means the low fat diet is working!!!! So, the plan is to continue to do what we are doing for another 4 to 8 weeks. If she has a bad food day, or even meal it could ruin all the work we have done for the past 8 weeks, so we must continue to be very careful. I'm all good with that, it's just good to see progress being made. Carla's oxygen reading was 94, the best it has ever been at the doctor's office, and her weight was 29.8 pounds. So, she has lost almost a pound through all of this. Which, I think is pretty darned good, considering that she only eats 1 to 3 grams of fat per day. She eats very little fat, but let's not confuse that with not eating...mark my words CARLA EATS, and EATS and EATS and EATS. She is a true lover of food, that's for sure!

That's my good news for the day! Have a terrific rest of the day :)

Love, Jen

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