Bobby and I went on a little adventure this weekend...something we would have never done in a lifetime if we hadn't been invited by our new friends Chad & Melissa. We drove up to West Glacier Friday afternoon, settled into this very cool little chalet, went out to dinner, woke up the next morning and went white water rafting! The day started out a little dark, then it rained but by the time we were on the river for about half an hour the rain cleared up. We stopped and had lunch half way down and then were off to rougher waters. It was really cool. I was a little scared about falling out and smashing against a rock, but thank goodness that never happened! :) Saturday night we went to a very cool fried chicken and ribs joint, which was very awesome as well! Carla spent Friday night with her Grandparents Wright and then Saturday with her Grandparents Morgan. Sunday we picked her up in Helena, where Sue had prepared a pretty much fat free dinner for us in celebration of my 35th birthday, which is today!

Tomorrow we see Dr. Ruggerie to find out if we've made any progress with Carla's Thoracic duct leak and I would be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't a tiny bit on edge about the whole thing....Please pray that her thoracic duct is healthy!

Anyway, it's time for me to get ready for my day!

Love, Jen

The chalet that we stayed in at West Glacier.
Chad and Melissa...two very cool and amazing people :)

Me, in all my hammy glory. This was Saturday night after a day of rafting and a night of eating!

Aunt Bernie, Andy, Grandma Morgan, Bobby, Carla and I. There is a picture with Dad & Sue in it too....but Bobby, Carla and I were clearly unprepared for the shot...and SINCE this is MY blog we won't be posting terrible pictures of me! :) hee hee.

I woke up at 1:00 a.m. last night and found this lovely display on the table :) My husband is a sweetheart.

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