1st Day of School

Ever since Cody's first day of Kindergarten I have been taking the first day of school shot before he goes to school. The last couple of years he does put up a little fuss, but then poses for me anyway :) I can't believe how big our boy is getting and that he is going into 11th grade! 2 more years and he will be heading off to college....I am very much looking forward to watching basketball games, and now that we have Sydney in our lives we will also be watching some volleyball too! I am also looking forward to watching Cody grow and change as he becomes a man. So proud of our biggum boy!

Our Big 11th Grader...where does the time go?

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One Happy Heart Family said...

Thats crazy time goes by so fast!! I can't imagine my boys being in 11th grade seems like I was just there!!!

watched the band on your video!! LOVE IT!!!