Well Hello There....

Hello there! It's been a while! Last Tuesday I took Cody to Helena and he had all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled. The roots had grown quite a bit since the x-rays in April, so the dentist was very glad that we were taking them out when we did. Had we waited until next summer it would have been quite a mess! Cody has done well with the whole process. His face was very swollen but he took his meds and iced his face regularly. Yesterday he went in for his one week check up and everything is good. So, that is great news!

Carla has been doing well too! She is full of energy and looks very pink. We see the Cardiologist on the 4th of August, so we will see how her chest wall is looking then. I am so praying that her thoracic duct has healed and that she can go back to being a "normal" kid with half a heart rather than a little girl who has to keep her fat intake to the utmost minimum amount possible. She has been doing really well with her potty training and only wears a diaper when she is sleeping (or pooping...still having issues with pooping on the potty, but she is going at her own pace and we are fine with that).

I had my hair cut and colored yesterday...it's pretty cute, but I don't have a picture to share as of yet. Taking pictures of myself turns out to be quite unfortunate. I swear, every time I'm like "Really, I look like that?" then I look in the mirror and am like "No, I don't look like that...let's try again...Really, I look like that!" delete, delete, delete. On a different note, I have gotten back into working out everyday. I have been dealing with a bit of anxiety as of recently and have found that working out every day keeps the anxiety at bay. So, it's a win win. I'm getting more fit and I don't feel like I'm having a continual heart attack. Yay!

Please pray that Carla's Thoracic Duct is Healthy!!! Thank you!

love, Jen

Here are the 2 pictures I have taken in the past couple of weeks...
Sydney, Cody & Carla...on a walk the day after Cody got his teeth pulled, you can see he was pretty swollen in the face.
Carla and her sweet Daddy.

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