Life goes on...

When you think about all that Carla has gone through in the last year it is so amazing to see how well she seems to be doing. She may have a nicked thoracic duct, leaking fat into her chest wall for the past year, a blood clot in her fontan conduit and a mysterious cough (caused by the effusion we assume) but if you were to take a look at our little Sweet Toot, you wouldn't know there was anything wrong at all. Her "Dr. Papa Ruggerie" (what Carla calls her cardiologist) said on Tuesday "She's all three year old!" She is smart, persistent, quick to temper...but faster to recover, trusting, loving, and hilarious little three year old girl. We are so blessed.

Since they took the liquid off of Carla's right lung she once again has developed that nagging cough that she has been battling since last August. I am super hoping that isn't a bad sign....but only time will tell. We are keeping her right around 2 to 3 grams of fat per day and she is adjusting very well. Thank goodness she has a true love for food in general, so isn't too awfully picky!

As for Cody. Cody has been getting neglected in the blog (mostly because of Carla's health issues) but partly because he is resistant to let me take his picture. Darned ol almost 17 year old boys anyway. When Cody was Carla's age, he was fair game. I could take his picture all day long and he would ham it up! I have some really funny pictures to prove it (I will save those for another day). But anyway... tomorrow is Cody's last day of drivers ed. Right now he is on his last drive with his instructor, yesterday he passed his written final test and drove all the way to Helena with his Dad. Due to Montana law Cody will have his permit until November and then he will get a restricted drivers' license. Cody is becoming a very good driver. In other Cody news, his birthday is next Friday! I can't believe Cody is going to be 17! One year from next Friday and the law with consider him a "Man".... Wowsers....where did the time go?

Anyway, here are some cute pictures from yesterday. Love, Jen


One Happy Heart Family said...

She is such a trooper!!! I love following you guys and your "fun" life. I think you make the best of everything and are doing a great job!! Your kiddo's are lucky to have such cool parents!!

Wow 17!!! Thats crazy I am waiting for that day but not for a while. Isn't it no speed limit in Montana??? Just wondering lol. Just think of it this way, he is 17 and just driving, me I was 17 and ready to be married!!! LOL waited a year though.
Hope little Carla keeps having good days!!! Glad she is a great eater!!! :0)

Wright Family said...

We have a speed limit again. It is 75 on the highway...in the 90s there was a "safe and prudent manner" speed limit but the federal government wasn't too keen on it, so we went to 75. ;)

Carla is just plugging along. I just keep praying that her thoracic duct will heal and her pleural effusions will be a bad memory. In the mean time, I am finding new and exciting ways to keep her diet super low in fat! Yesterday only .5 grams for the day! Today 1!