I'm going to FREAK OUT!!!

So, I haven't posted because I have been too busy and overwhelmed in general. Cody's birthday was a hit, we had dinner with the Wrights on Wednesday and then lunch with my family on Sunday. Yesterday we took the PT Cruiser in to get new shocks, struts, etc. Last week the Grand Prix had an alignment and will probably need a new set of tires (even though we replaced them all last May). Before we went to Salt Lake City we had a pot hole incident with the PT and ended up having to get a new rim and 2 new tires for the back end of that car, a couple months before that we had to get new tires on the front end of that car. Our railings on our house have been falling apart for a couple years now, so we finally got that taken care of and Carla's sunburst window in her bedroom has a huge friggin crack in it....NOW TODAY we find out that the water line outside of our home is leaking and we will have to pay to have the friggin street dug up to find the leak and fix it. Now, this is just maintenance crap that adds on to the fact that we are raising a 3 year old with half a heart, on a strict low fat diet because her thoracic duct was nicked during her 3rd surgery over a year ago and now fat is leaking into her chest wall AND we are also raising a teenage boy! Thank God Cody is a good kid because I'm not sure my heart could take a little turd ball teenager like you see so often. Anyway, I wonder why I'm having anxiety. Please pray that things QUIT BREAKING DOWN!!! I'm ready to move into a rental, I swear to God!

All my love,

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