Happy Birthday Cody!

I can't believe our Sweet Sunny Son is turning 17 today! It is so weird to think that he will be an adult in one year! Where does the time go? I look at this picture and I remember the day like it was yesterday. He was being such a HAM and let me take about 4 pictures in a row with him making different faces. As far as kids go, we hit the jackpot with Cody. He is smart, funny, athletic, handsome, charming, polite and just plain old fun to be around.

We had a dinner for him with the Wright side of the family Wednesday night (because that is Bobby's day off) and on Sunday we will get together with my side of the family for lunch in Helena. Tonight he is going to dinner and a movie with Sydney, Uncle Tom, Grandma & Papa. So, that should be fun!

I thank God every day for Cody! We are so blessed. Happy Birthday Boy!

Love, Mom

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