Yesterdays events...

So, yesterday morning Carla and I were playing a little chase game...she chases me, I chase her, etc... and then suddenly as she was chasing me she lost her balance and started bumping against the wall while she was coming at me. I stopped her to see if she could stand up, and she could not. It was as if she was really dizzy. She actually thought it was pretty funny but Bobby and I were freaking out a bit. We called her cardiologist and he was out of town, so we called his cell (yes we have his cell). He told us to go to the GF Pediatric Clinic and then called them and told them our situation. When we got there they whisked us back for an immediate check up. By this time though, she was fine. Which, was good news, because it meant that she was NOT stroking out. We are going to see the cardiologist tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., take x-rays and have another check up. I personally think that we need to lay off some of her blood pressure medication, because her blood is thinner now (but what the hell do I know). Her cardiologist called me last night and told me that we will probably x-ray her tomorrow and that if her x-ray looks the same or worse than it did on Monday that we will plan on taking the liquid out sometime next week. I think her effusion is getting better with the low fat diet, because her oxygen level yesterday was 91-92, (remember heart Moms that they closed her fenestration in SLC) when she had her effusion she was at 88-89, so I think it is getting better. Plus, I have kept her at 3.5 and 3.2 grams of fat for the last 2 days. I know, pretty amazing, right!

So, we recovered from Carla's morning and then last night, right before bed, the mysterious cough came back....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So, we were up most of the night with her cough...I'm hoping it goes away fast and just can't believe it is back. It's a mystery...very weird. This morning she seems to be feeling fine, has a little bit of a cough, but not bad. She has eaten 1/4 cup of corn, (.5 g fat) 1/4 cup of macaroni noodles (.5) and some egg whites (0). She just went potty on the big girl toilet and the day thus far has been WAY better than yesterday at this time!

Love, Jen

p.s. I have some cute pictures of her building with blocks yesterday but am having techinical difficulties, so will have to post them at a later date :)

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