The X-ray says.....

Carla's x-rays this morning look good! Which means after cardiology gets a look at them we should be pulling that chest tube! Yay! I don't want to get too excited, because they have to make the final decision, but the doctor who was in here already this morning said that they will pull it. So, we are holding off on her lovenox dose until after she clots, and then giving it to her afterwards.

I spoke with the doctor this morning about the lovenox and she said that if we can get the coumadin to work that it is a better choice because kids don't usually handle the poking for any length of time. She also said that the lovenox is so expensive that most insurance companies put their foots down eventually and make the kids go on coumadin. So, maybe that decision is being taken away from us. We are going to try the coumadin around 12:30, after lunch today so that she can get it on a on a full stomach. Also, yesterday they gave it to her at the same time as her aldacdone...which apparently is very hard on the stomach as well. So, maybe it was just taking the two together that caused the puking...we will see. Anyway, I will let you know how things go! love, Jen

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