They took Carla just a few minutes after 10 to the PICU. There they sedated her with a pain killer that is known on the street as "Vitamin K" (I can't remember the name of the drug) and Versed. She slipped out quickly and they were able to get 275 ml (9 oz) of water off of her pleural effusion. We will keep the chest tube until it quits putting out liquid and MAY do a cath later in the week, but nothing is scheduled as of now. At the moment they are doing a sedated echo. It will be interesting to see what they have to say about how her heart looks. I will let everyone know what is going on further as I find out. I can tell you this... One of Carla's first words this time were "I'm starving!" Can't wait to feed our little sweet toot.

Love, Jen

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The Smith's said...

Praying Carla's echo looks great and that all the rest of the fluid drains quickly so you guys can get home!