Things have been going well the past couple of days. Friday we saw the cardiologist - he listened to her and took her pulse ox. He said she still has the effusion, but the good news is that her oxygen reading was at 94/95, which is the highest it has ever been in the doctor's office. When she had her little episode the other day her oxygen was at 91/92...and on Monday it was 88/89, so I think the low fat diet is working. The past year she has run around 88/89, with the effusion. Now, I realize that they have closed her fenestration BUT, like I said, she read at 88/89 on Monday with water on her lung. So, the higher reading gives us hope that she is on the road to recovery. We will see the doc Wednesday for a chest x-ray, so we will know more then.

Dr. R. went into full detail about how and why she has this reoccurring effusion... to put it simple, during her Fontan the thoracic duct was nicked...the thoracic duct is how the fats get from the intestine to the blood stream...we need to reduce pressure in the duct, so that it doesn't leak into the chest wall. I have a diagram if anyone wants to talk more about this let me know.

The other day the sun FINALLY decided to make an appearance, so we went for a walk...here are some cute pictures from the past couple of days. love, Jen

Carla, getting ambitious with the block building.
Admiring her work...

The other day, before going for a walk...she has a little bit of a shiner from bumping her eye on a table.

Being super cute!

The kitty followed us...

Chasing me :)

Finally, swinging again. She actually laughed on the swing like it was her first time...it was really sweet.

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