Looking back at the pictures taken yesterday and today I can't help but feel like we have entered some kind of a time warp...are you sure it's only been 2 days...because I feel like we've been here for a week!

Carla cuddling Grandma Sue as we waited for them to find us in their system...this took about 2 hours...
Probably taken around 1:30ish yesterday...the volunteer lady came around and brought Carla a bag of hospital goodies. This dolly she got to color the face on was one of the goodies...as well as the sponge sucker...I refilled the sponge sucker 3 times (on the slippity sly) and then she almost swallowed it...So, that was the end of her sponge sucker.
Posing for Mama :)
This morning, while waiting to go and have her chest tube placed, Carla is wearing her Grandpa's watch on her ankle.

Rubbing her feet on Daddy's head.

Relaxing with Mommy...
A picture of the damage. Here you can see the new chest tube, as well as all the red marks from the stickers they put on her yesterday.

The fluid draining off of Carla's chest...minus the 60 mls that they took for testing! Can you believe this! It just keeps draining, more and more...now the liquid is starting to look very milky and gross...I'll have to ask the drs what that means tomorrow.

Posing for Mommy again. Our big , brave, sweet, well dispositioned Toot!
The plan for tomorrow is no food or drink after 7a.m. Heart Cath will probably take place around 1:00ish.....We are waking up early for an early morning feast....thus, I must get my bottom to bed.
Thank you so much for the good prayers and thoughts. We appreciate it so much! Love, Jen


The Simmons Family said...

We'll be praying for the drainage to SLOW DOWN and that the cath goes smoothly! She is such a big girl! Please tell me this gets easier as they get older?! My heart just aches seeing her in that hospital bed with the chest tube...again.

Wright Family said...

I don't think it gets any easier...although I guess having a child you can reason with a little bit makes it easier...Still heart wrenching to watch them have to go through this though.