The little culprit...

So, after draining about a total of 12 oz off of Carla's lung the x-ray says everything is dry and clear. Upon examination of the echo though the doctors see what the cause of all this fluid could be...the little culprit is a blood clot. As, scary as a blood clot in the heart might sound, I am taking this as great news! Why? Because now we have a CAUSE for the effusion. A cause with a quick fix. The question still to be asked would be...WHY do we have a blood clot? What we are hoping is that during the cath they will understand why. If not, lets pray for NO MORE blood clots.

Lots of love,

ps. cath is sometime tomorrow afternoon. ... we will know more later.


Tara said...

Hi Jenny
Are you talking about ketamine hydrochloride? Hospitals call it Ketaset or Ketalar.

Wright Family said...

I can't remember what they said...they were just joking about it being a street drug.

One Happy Heart Family said...

Wow thats alot of fluid! Poor thing!! Hey at least she still has an appitite!! Thats so CUTE!!! Praying for a quick fix and good cath!!! Thanks for keeping posted so good ;o) Is she still in the PICU or does she get to go to the floor? Thats crazy it's a blood clot. What do they do? Just wondering! Please know we are praying for your cute little one!!!