It's baaackkkk

We saw the Cardiologist yesterday afternoon, after catching a glimpse of Carla's x-ray we knew that her effusion was back. [Cue raging tension headache here.] We went and waited for the doctor to come in and tell us the news. When he did, he confirmed what we had seen on the x-ray, Carla's effusion is back. It's not as large as it has been in the past, so that's the good news. The plan of attack is to keep her on as strict of a low fat diet as we can, trying to go no fat when at all possible. We are hoping that doing this for about 3 months will clear it up. We will be monitoring the effusion closely and go back to see the doc next Wednesday at 11:00 for another x-ray as well as a blood test to make sure the coumadin is at the right level. The good news of the visit was that Carla's coumadin level is high enough that we no longer have to be giving her the Lovenox shots. Thank God! Now THAT really made her mad! Please pray for Carla.
Love, Jen

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One Happy Heart Family said...

So sorry :o(!!! Praying things clear up fast!!! Good Luck with everything!!!