I'm officially a broken record...

So, we went back to the cardiologist this morning and the x-ray pretty much looked the same as it did last Monday. So, Dr. R. will talk to Salt Lake City and get back to us with a plan. He wants to put a chest tube in for a couple of days to get her lung all drained off again. The low fat diet should be working...but chylous effusions are less easily absorbed so we will most likely be draining it off. On a happy note, Carla's coumadin levels were perfect, so we don't have to be messing around with her dose. Her oxygen level was 89/90.

Carla did not get a nap today and so is pretty crabby! She wants to snuggle and watch her show, so I must go! :)

Love, Jen

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Christina said...

Holy cow! I can't believe this keeps coming up. My family was sick during your last stay at Primary's. If you end up back here I would love to come and say hi and bring a gift to sweet Carla. I have heard of a few other heart kids with the same complications. Crazy. Keep us posted!

Hugs & Prayers,
Christina from IHH
Heart Momma to Jacob