Home Sweet Home.

We finally arrived home Friday morning around 1:00 a .m. it was a LONG trip, but well worth it! My Dad took us to his house where Bobby's folks met us around 11:30 p.m. with Carla's medicine. I gave her a shot and then the Wrights took us the rest of the way home. When we got home I was very impressed with the new deck/porch railings Roger, Bobby and Cody put together while we were in Salt Lake. The railings we had before were wood and they broke down very quickly with all the snow and wind that is Cascade, Montana. For about the past year our side deck (the one that gets all the wind) had all kinds of railings missing...it was such an eye sore! Pretty bad when you're house is only 6 years old. Now, the decks look amazing! Walking into our home was almost overwhelmingly awesome! When you're forced to be away from home, in pretty much a 14x14 room for 11 days, home sweet home is amazing. I am so happy to be home. Exhausted, but happy!

Since being home we haven't had a problem with feeding Carla low fat. Yesterday I kept her at 10 grams of fat for the day and so far today we are up to 9, so 6 more is ok for dinner. We can do that. She has slipped into her old routines...in fact, when I was tucking her in last night she started to giggle and then looked at me, with that beautiful little grin and said ... "Go potty" ... which is one of her many stall tactics when it comes to bed time. Today Roger and Tammy came over to finish the last deck with railings. Carla, being the big girl that she is helped Papa.

Cody has been at a basketball tournament in Cut Bank since yesterday and texted me earlier to let me know that they won a game and that he had 27 points! I'll be looking forward to him getting home tonight and giving me the blow by blow of the tournament.

Here are some cute pictures :) Love, Jen

Wednesday afternoon at the hospital...
Getting ready to leave Primary Children's Medical Center.

Helping Papa with the railings.

Ok, here's the screw you need...

The deck off of our living room...now Carla can play out there and I don't have to worry about her falling off !

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