Decisions, decisions...

So, Carla took her first dose of coumadin this afternoon and about 45 minutes later she threw up about four times...which leads me to wonder if going home on lovenox isn't a better route. It's so hard because it is kind of one of those which is the lesser evil type of decisions. But, the good thing about the lovenox is that 1) if something were to happen it could be out of the system in 12 hours; 2) it is easier to regulate and control; 3) it has less side effects. The one bad thing about it is that it comes in the form of 2 shots a day. Granted, the shots are tiny little needles, but they are still shots...that I would have to give Carla. The problems with coumadin are as follows 1) it is really hard to regulate, it can change with how much you eat, how much you are moving around, puberty, growth in general...pretty much everything you do affects your coumadin level, which means many blood draws to make sure everything is alright. 2) if you look coumadin up on the Internet there is a long list of complications that come with it and 3) it stays in the system for days...so if there were some kind of heart emergency we couldn't just do a fast intervention. SO I guess at this moment I am just having a really hard time deciding what is the right thing to do...but I think I am leaning towards lovenox..the doctors actually talked about it yesterday, but I shut them down. The the idea of having to give Carla shots every day was not appealing. But, after watching her hurk her guts out after taking the coumadin I am starting to reconsider....we will just see. I think after I get a chance to talk to Bobby I will feel better about the whole thing (he is at work right now). So anyway, maybe pray for us to make the right decision with regard to the blood thinner Carla is going to be on. Thank you! Jen Going for a walk in the cute outfit from Aunty Jeannette, Uncle Bill and Cousin Beth :)
Making wishes with Grandpa.
Being cute :)
Our little Princess Carlollypop
Talking to Grandpa about making wishes...

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