Day 9...Even closer...

Carla's chest x-ray looked good again this morning and the doctors are taking all the steps necessary to send us home! We are going to get another echo either today or tomorrow morning, chest x-ray in the morning, they have taught me how to give the lovenox (shot) and so I have done that twice now...NOT FUN! Another doctor is trying to set up for a home health nurse to come to our house and draw the labs Carla will need over the weekend. We hope to only be on the lovenox thru the weekend and then just down to the coumadin, enalapril, lasix and aldacdone. They are talking about releasing us tomorrow!! I can't believe it. We will be released on the anniversary date of Carla's fontan last year....weird.

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Anonymous said...


We love you and the family so much! We are so greatful for this blog. We are always thinking about you and especially at times like these. It is nice that though we are so far away, we have the full update with just a click of the mouse. You also do such a great job of explaining thigs. We love you and are praying for Carla every day. We cannot wait until you get to go home. We wish we could be there. I am so glad that Carla is dancing around and doing so well. What a wonderful spirit she has. We love you all and miss you!

Love, Jess