Day 8 - we are getting closer

Carla rested a lot this morning, was a bit of a crab (because we didn't get any sleep last night) and then napped this afternoon. Once she woke up from her nap though, she was ready to start moving and a shaking. We went down to make wishes, went to the garden and saw the fish and then came up to our room and proceeded to dance all around. At one point the nurse came in and almost hit her with the door...I was like..your not used to your patients dancing around the room are you? The answer, of course was no. I did give Carla her first Lovenox shot this evening. It was a hard thing for me to have to do and I will definitely need help giving the shot at home...need someone to hold her while I do it. My Dad did the honors tonight. He did a good job. Carla cried for a couple minutes after but recovered pretty quickly. We are getting ready for bed right now and I am not looking forward to our midnight blood draw....eeewww....But, the good news is that we should be going home within the next day or two, Carla is way to well to be here. We have a chest x-ray in the morning...please pray that it continues to look good in there! Love, Jen

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