Day 7...June 7, 2010

Carla had her chest x-ray this morning and - brace yourself - it looked great! So, today we have the chest tube's suction turned off, if everything looks good tomorrow we can pull that tube! Yay! They are talking about transitioning her to coumadin today, which will take days to get regulated...but if we start today that will be one day closer to coming home. They will do another 3D echo later this week, and if they can't see what they want to then they may try an esophageal (sp?) echo (which would mean being intubated and another night in the PICU...so we don't want that!)

Carla will have to come home on a low fat diet, which means that our whole family will have to switch to low fat. I don't think this will be all that difficult, but it will be a change nonetheless. What really makes me feel horrendous is thinking about all the times we rewarded Carla with Chicken Nuggets and Fries, or some other crappy food... Actually, honestly when I think about it I have terrible anxiety. If only we had known. I mean, everyone knows that giving your kids fatty foods isn't that great, but I had no idea it could cause her to have 12 oz of fluid on her lungs! Since she has been on a low fat diet her chest tube just pretty much quit putting out fluid. I guess this is common in the Fontan circulation...like I said before, I wish I would have known.

Anyway, it really does no good to feel bad about things I cannot change. Please keep Carla in your prayers. Love, Jen

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The Simmons Family said...

It sounds like you are close to going home! Owen had the same issue after his Glenn, but he went on a fat free formula (it was simpler). I'm so used to putting extra fats in his blended foods (oils, peanut butters) that I wouldn't know how to make it low fat.

It'll all work out and I'm sure Carla feels SO much better!!