Day 6...Watching and Waiting....

So, at this point in our journey Carla's chest tube has slowed and the color of the fluid draining is better. The low fat diet is clearly working. Thank you God! The next step is to clamp off the chest tube and see what happens. If the fluid doesn't re-accumulate then I think we will have this pleural effusion licked. They will try clamping it off tomorrow. After the chest tube is pulled we will transition Carla from heparin to coumadin. Once we transition to the coumadin and assuming her x-rays are clear of fluid we will get to go home. I am thinking Thursday, but that's just me. Bobby and Sue had to leave this morning to go home. We miss them already, but it is nice to know that we are following them home here pretty quickly.

Carla's Uncle Adam and Aunt Jennifer drove up from Boise yesterday to check on our Little Miss Toot. It was so nice to see them and very sweet of them to come. This morning we got to have a little fun with Play Doh before they had to get back on the road to Boise.

This morning we found out that we are no longer allowed to draw Carla's labs from an IV line, so we were able to take out that IV line...the bad news is that she will most likely have 2 to 3 blood draws a day...damn it anyway. Carla is already getting very annoyed at the nurses. A couple of phrases she has coined while here are "Leave me alone!" and "Go away!" She is not keen on the nurses AT ALL and with every passing day she gets more and more rude about telling them so. I can't blame her.

Yesterday we took Carla for 2 walks and a wagon ride and this morning we took her for a walk. It was amazing to see how much better she was in that one day. Yesterday she was moving pretty slow and today she was almost sprinting around. Although, last night they took the big bandages off of her cath sites, so that could have something to do with her feeling a little more comfortable. Last night her right cath incision got a little bloody and irritated looking, so we had the night nurse take the big cath bandages off. Her site bled a little bit, but we were able to clean it all up and put band aids on. She is so much more comfortable now and doesn't cry when we change her diaper anymore.

Anyway, I know that was a little bit all over the place, but such is life! Please pray that Carla Tootie will be able to be well enough to come home soon! We love you all and thank you so much for the prayers! Jen


Lori Smith said...

Jen, I have been reading your blog everyday (thanks to grandma Sue for sharing it with me), you have such a precious little girl and a family that is so loving and supportive, I pray for all of you and hope you will be home soon. If I may make a comment on the coumodin, as my friend (who is much older then Carla) recently was on it. She said it had a profound affect on her mentally and physically. She said she was less patient, more easily agitated and tired. She also thought it affected her memory and thought process as she felt brain foggy. She searched the internet and found that the symptoms she was having were some of the side affects of coumodin. I mention this just in case you may notice some differnaces in Carla after she has been on it for awhile and perhaps the Dr's can give you some more insight on it. Praying for your quick and safe return. Lori

Wright Family said...

Lori, thanks for the prayers and support. With regard to the coumodin unfortunately we don't really have a lot of choices. She either gets on a blood thinner or she has heart failure or a stroke. The only other drug choice is lovenox, which would be given as a shot twice a day...that might be ok when she gets older, but not as a three year old. We will just have to watch and hope that she doesn't have any of the many bad side effects of this drug.