Back in a room with a view!

So, we are back on the 3rd floor, just watching and waiting for Carla to quit putting fluid out of her chest tube and for her blood clot to go away. I was in error when I said that the heparin would dissolve the blood clots. Basically, the heparin makes it so that the clot can't get any bigger, but the body has to get rid of the clot on its own. The doctor likened the process to the way the body gets rid of a bruise. It starts out dark, then lighter, then yellow and finally goes away. Getting rid of a clot takes time, just as getting rid of a bruise takes time. As far as the effusion goes, they are watching the color of the liquid coming off of the chest. The liquid coming off of Carla's chest looks chyolus (like fat). Explanation: when fats go through the gut little vessels pick them up and send them to the lymphatic vessels and they usually go back into circulation. Carla's circulation is acting somewhat like a kinked hose and instead of the fats disbursing through the body they are settling in her effusion area. Thus, we are putting her on a low fat diet to see if that helps output. When asked about a time frame we were told to not think of this on a day to day basis, but on a week to week basis. We will be here at least 7 more days. Please keep Carla and our family in your prayers. We love you all and appreciate everything so much! Jen

Saying hi to Carla after she woke up from the heart cath on 6/2/2010
Daddy loves Carla.
Mom, Dad, little Miss Sweet Toot and a blurry nurse :)

Carla with oxygen saturation levels in the 90s
Yesterday before the heart cath.
This morning, getting a 3D echo.

Hangin in the PICU.

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